July Squash Box Leagues

Here are June’s Results:

June Box League

How does it work?
Each box will consist of 6 players. This will be based on current US Squash ratings and the previous month’s results.

You have 5 players to play within the month with matches setup by reaching out to the players directly and finding a mutually convenient time slot.

You get 1 point for playing, 1 point for winning the match, and 1 point for every game won  (a 3-2 match = 5 points to 3; 3-1 = 5/2, 3/0 = 5/1).

At the end of the month, the player with the most points moves up a division and the player with the least moves down.

The winner of each box will have their name published in lights in the monthly newsletter, on the notice boards and also receives a prize.

What if I can’t play all 5 matches?
That’s ok! Play as many as you can. You gain points from the games that you win. The more you play the more potential points you can win.

Although, if you don’t play ANY matches within the month then you will have to sit out the following month.

Do these matches count towards my rating?
Yes! By recording the matches in the box league, they are automatically entered into US Squash.

How do I sign up?
Very simply follow THIS link or the one at the bottom of this email. Entry Fee is $10.

Where do I find the Box League?
The leagues will be housed online on our clublocker.com website as well as posted on the bulletin boards at the club.

I still have questions!!
Feel free to send me an email at Tony.Hollins@TandR.org