King of the Newbies

These events have become a summer tradition! There are draws in Court Tennis and Racquets that run from July 1st to Labor Day.

Do I qualify: If you have played the game less than 2 years then you’re eligible. There are also exceptions for special circumstances.

How does it work: The event is an enormous round robin in which you play as many of the other players as possible. The winner is the player who accrues the most points over the summer.

What do I win: The winner of each event wins a brand new racket!

Do I have to play both Court Tennis & Racquets: No, you can play one or both. They are separate events.

Cost: The cost is $20 per event.

When does it start: Matches begin July 1st.

How do I enter: Email or add your name to the list by the elevator