Our Board of Governors will again be offering 30 summer positions for guest memberships from June 1st thru August 31st.

The cost for the three months will be $450.

The “Summer Guest Membership” is a smart and easy way to introduce family, friends, and associates to the Club. No Initiation fees, no letters of introduction required. Just an application and acceptance by the Board.  (Note: anyone who has previously been a member of the Club or has taken a summer position twice in the past is ineligible.)

And, as always, current members get a head start on inviting summer members to join us.

The summer session will officially begin June 1st, but we encourage you to expeditiously distribute the attached membership application to those you choose to invite and get them returned to us as soon as possible. Email to janice@tandr.org

We look forward to meeting some new friends for the summer!