Here is a short guide to the different rating and handicap systems that we use at the T&R. These can be extremely useful for match finding with players you may not have met; maintaining an accurate ranking is very important, for that exact reason. Read on here:



US Squash Rating – This is the rating system used by all clubs within the USA. The rating system runs from 1.5 (beginner) to 7.0 (world class professional). To acquire a rating you simply need to enter matches in the clublocker.com system; powered by US Squash.

To do this, simply log in to clublocker.com and select “Enter Score” –> “Friendly” –> Follow the prompts on the submission form.

Once you have done this a few times you will create an accurate rating. The pro shop can also give you a ‘temporary rating’ when you are starting out.


Court Tennis:

Real Tennis Online – RTO is the handicap system used by every real tennis club worldwide. This offers a unique opportunity to travel overseas and easily get setup with a player around your skill level. To enter results all you need to do is write your name, opponent and score in the results book located just outside of the court.

Once you have a handicap you can track your movements at www.realtennisonline.com

Tip: the most accurate way to play matches and create handicap movements is to use a handicap based on your current rating. The calculator can be found outside the court, next to the results book. If you need help interpreting the calculator contact the pro shop.



T&R System – modeled after the RTO handicaps, last year we implemented a handicap system for racquets. This is only an internal rating but offers an opportunity to find more players around your ability; it also offers a quite accurate way to level the playing field using a serving system. The calculator for this and the ratings list can be found on the cork board outside of the racquets court.

To get a rating contact the pro shop for an assessment.