By Robert Spangler

Membership Committee Chair


This question has been asked by a few members looking to recommend friends to our wonderful club. For your information, here is a summary of the membership process:

  1. Application
    • Prospective members should submit membership applications (found at the front desk) to the General Manager, Tom Dobbins, via email or a physical copy. The prospective member will be billed initiation fees on submission of an application which are refundable should the application be unsuccessful or withdrawn.
  2. Supporting Letters
    • After submitting an application, the prospective member has a month to obtain two letters of support. Letters should be submitted to Tom Dobbins at
  3. Membership Committee Interview
    • A representative from the membership committee will reach out to the prospective member to schedule a time to meet in person. The membership committee representative is available to assist with the membership process, make introductions and answer any questions.
  4. Posting
    • After both supporting letters are received and the membership interview has been conducted, the prospective member will be “posted” on the club’s bulletin board until The Board of Governors convenes (once per month) to approve/deny their application.
  5. Acceptance
    • Should The Board of Governors accept the application, the prospective member will be notified of acceptance and can now enjoy all that the club has to offer. Should the prospective member be denied, they and their supporting members will be notified.