2018 Ladies US Open Court Tennis

The Tennis and Racquet Club is proud to host the 2018 Ladies US Open Court Tennis. This event will feature the current Ladies World Champion, Claire Fahey. Please find the draws below: SINGLES DOUBLES BACK DRAW

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2018 Jimmy Knott Memorial Singles

The Jimmy Knott Memorial singles is a mid-to-upper level singles event held in Boston each year. It is designed to be the season opening singles event to help shake off the rust after a summer on the golf course. Main Draw: Back Draw:  

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2018 Ladies US Open Court Tennis

The Tennis and Racquet Club is honored to host the 2018 Ladies US Open Court Tennis from Friday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 4th. For draws and more follow THIS link.  

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It's time to battle for Back Bay - Beacon Hill squash bragging rights! 14 players from the T&R will take on the UBC at the Union Boat Club. This is for players of all levels. For more information, email

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Royal Air Force Squash Tour

12 players from the British Royal Air Force will be taking on the T&R on Tuesday evening. For information on how to be a part of it please contact

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Halloween Party

The Social Committee presents the 2018 Halloween Party. Stay tuned for more information to come soon!

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July Squash Box Leagues

July Squash Box Leagues Congratulations to this month's winners! Box #1 - David Tedeschi Box #2 - Jeremy Aronson Box #3 - John Levis Box #4 - Alex Oliveira Box #5 - Paul Cathcart Box #6 - Logan Ramseyer Box 7 - Henry Holderness Box #8 - Alex Post Box #9 - Ryan Brady Swing by [...]

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King of the Newbies

King of the Newbies These events have become a summer tradition! There are draws in Court Tennis and Racquets that run from July 1st to Labor Day. Do I qualify: If you have played the game less than 2 years then you're eligible. There are also exceptions for special circumstances. How does it work: The [...]

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MCC Lord’s Visit

October 15th, 2018: The MCC Lord's travelling real tennis team will be making a stop in Boston to take on the T&R. We will be looking for players with handicaps between 35 to 55 to take on the Brits. For more information email Tony Hollins.

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Jimmy Knott Memorial Court Tennis

October 12th to 14th, 2018: The Jimmy Knott Memorial Singles is a mid-to-upper level court tennis singles event. Players from around the country will travel to Boston to play in this event which marks the kickoff to a new court tennis season. Here is the draw for this year:

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